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“We are a funny little family business. Dad bought our property in 1970. Foggy hillsides in the coastal foothills of Washington State covered with young Alder and Cedar trees. After raising our family and retiring Dad realized a lifetime dream of owning a small sawmill.
In 1995 trees on the property started maturing and needed thinning. Now we had a mill and the raw materials. We just needed a product. A great product, something that people used with their hands, in their home. Something natural. Something fun and unusual, something we believed in. Hmm….
At a family dinner in Seattle we ordered plank roasted Salmon. It was the best fish ever, moist, firm, flaky with a slight woodsy flavor.
In the next few weeks we made a few prototypes and ate a lot of fish! Family and friends loved them so we took a few to a Farmers market and asked people what they thought. Everyone wanted one! Soon making planks became full time.
We are proud to offer our planks and other special treats that add a traditional Pacific Northwest flavor to your table.
Thank you for your business,
Mike Ross”

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