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Holly adds: Wouldn’t it be fun to see one of these on the local bike trail?


“Others have tried (and continue to try) to emulate Rhoades Car designs but fail when it comes to his most unique concept – which is to build THE most quality-conscious 4-wheel bicycle products on the market – made in the USA! David called them “The 4-Wheel Bikes that Drive Like a Car” and now his dream claims international fame. What started in Johnny Cash’s tiny little home town of Hendersonville, TN, Rhoades Cars have been shipped all over the world – to all seven continents.”

“Rhoades Car features a plethora of 4-wheel bikes that touch literally every demographic. There are so many uses it’s hard to name them all!”

“Today there are 1-person, 2-person and 4-person models in a variety of configurations. Rhoades Cars are even available with an electric-assist feature – a small electric motor powered by two 12-volt batteries just in case you get tired while pedaling!”






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