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My mother swears these are the best brooms ever made!


“Quinn Broom Works, Inc. was founded in 1925 and today employs approximately 19 people in its Greenup, Illinois plant. After three generations the company is still family owned and operated.  Quinn Broom Works, Inc. utilizes 6 Baltimore winders, 8 Baltimore Simplex stitchers, Baltimore PX Plastic Machine, a Dal Maschio nailer, and a Kitchenette stamp press machine to produce in excess of 125 dozen brooms per day.  If it is a Quinn made broom, it comes with the same quality of materials and integrity of workmanship that have driven Quinn Broom Works, Inc. for 85 plus years.”

Comments on: "QUINN BROOM WORKS" (2)

  1. Suzanne Bruce said:

    I bought these brooms for Christmas gifts one Christmas.

    My friends are STILL thanking me. I was told it was their best gift.

    Glad I just saw this posting. I will definitely buy again.

  2. Dixie Sampson said:

    I love this broom, perfect size.

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