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“We have a broad range of bath and kitchen products that are designed to marry
style and function with innovative solutions, creating products that simply make
life easier. Every product we make is designed to meet the unique needs of our
consumers and trade partners.”
“American Standard Brands is one of the elite, few plumbing manufacturers who has products entirely “Made in the USA”, meeting the requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) – Buy American Requirements for Construction Material.
For a product to qualify under this legislation, virtually all materials, labor and inputs must be made in the United States, not only assembled in America.”

Comments on: "AMERICAN STANDARD" (1)

  1. jmedgar said:

    THIS ENTRY IS DECEPTIVE. The entry implies that American Standard Brands (American Standard, Eljer, Crane Plumbing) manufacture their plumbing products in the U.S. They don’t. Out of the thousands of different plumbing products American Standard Brands sells in the U.S., exactly S I X are made in Nevada, MO in the old Crane factory. EVERY OTHER PRODUCTS IS MADE IN CHINA. If you don’t believe me, ask American Standard Customer Service for its Buy American Act (Made in USA) list. It contains only six products manufactured of U.S. components in the U.S.

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