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Holly adds: I heard about this company on the Ed Schultz show. He is an advocate for “made in the USA” products. These appliances were designed to fill a niche that combined professional- grade with the home market.


“Viking is headquartered in Greenwood, Mississippi, in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, a region of the nation notorious for unemployment and poverty. With the majority of the Viking product line being made in this small town, they are able to employ over 1,000 people and offer them numerous benefits, advancement and educational opportunities, and a highly competitive salary.”
You can download a brochure here for their quality line of products.

Comments on: "VIKING APPLIANCES" (2)

  1. Linda said:

    how does one obtain a Viking brochure showing appliances and colors they come in?

    • Hello, I do not have any connection to these companies other than to list them on this site because they are made in America. I did find, however, this page that features their brochures- Thank you for visiting and I hope you find the information you need.

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