Support America-One Hard Earned Dollar at a Time!


Holly adds: For those who aren’t familiar with CSA-Consumer Supported Agriculture, “A CSA is a consumer-farmer relationship. Members sign up in spring and pay in advance for a subscription to a weekly box of fresh-picked, inseason, excellent veggies. For the farmers, a CSA guarantees a retail price for what they can grow with less time spent at the market, and a more direct relationship with the customer. No wonder this win-win model has become increasingly popular and has played a large role in saving the family farms of our region!”

Hopefully, your area of the country also has this available.


“Filbert Acres is a unique farm in the Puyallup river valley (in western Washington State) with a hazelnuts as a major crop since 1947. Though right off Pioneer Way, one mile west of Puyallup, the farm is a retreat to the country, with salmon creeks, eagles, and views of Mt. Rainier and neighboring farms. Stop by Monday-Saturday during the day, year ’round.”

“YES, we have NO filberts at Filbert Acres.  Our orchard was badly affected by the Eastern Filbert Blight and we are in the process of taking the old trees out and we plan to replant with blight resistant varieties this winter.”

Download our autumn CSA brochure here.

“We have had another very successful CSA–our clients have again loved our super-fresh, flavorful vegetables in their weekly box.   Our next share will probably be a spring share.  Please contact us now if you are interested in receiving information on this share as it becomes available.”

“We do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but limit ourselves to OMRI (organic) certified solutions.”

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