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“Cut thread, string, fishing line or plastic tubing up to 1/8″ of an inch.”

“We could sell our EZ Trimmer for less than we do. But we don’t. The price we’d pay would be too high. In order to sell it for less, we’d have to outsource the manufacturing. We could probably cut the price in almost half. That might be a big deal on an item costing hundreds of dollars. But this costs less than $10.”

The EZ Trimmer is made in the US.  The molds are made in the US.  The steel is made and milled in the US.  It’s all US materials, except maybe the string… it’s hard to find that made here anymore.  So, we could save you a couple of bucks… maybe less than the price of a cup of coffee at a fancy coffee house, or you can help support US manufacturing.  Buying EZ Trimmers supports many small “mom and pop” type businesses.  Isn’t that worth paying just a little extra.”

“As I said, we could sell it for less… but we won’t.”
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  1. This was a company that was recommended by an experienced quilter.

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