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Comments on: "Irony" (5)

  1. I am reminded of the time when I discovered that the coat of my dress uniform, which I proudly wear as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Army, was “MADE IN CHINA.”

  2. Daisy Tom said:

    My husband and I are making a conscious choice to not buy anything else made in China, even if it means going without something we would like to have. We are also looking specifically for things made in the USA, and avoiding products made by Koch Industries, as we feel the Koch brothers have too much influence over the government. If it were up to them, there would be absolutely no unions, or even minimum wage, all so they can rack up more money for themselves.

    • I agree about the Koch Bros. I try to stay as apolitical as I can on this site but I am sure you can probably deduce on my Facebook page where I stand on most issues. Thanks for the comments! Holly

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