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Moonshine Leather Company© & Altai Leather Designs©

“On our web site you will find hand-made, quality leatherworks designed and Made in the USA. We are proud to offer all of our unique, durable leather products and appreciate your support of American artisans.”

“Our goal on our Internet site is the same as our retail stores: To provide you with leather goods designed to combine the best in durability, function, and beauty with a 100% guarantee.”

“Products ranging from leather shop arpons and tool rolls, leather handbags, leather belts, backpacks, and briefcases, leather wallets and money clips, key cases, eyeglass cases to personal organizers such as checkbook holders, date and address notebooks, coin purses, business card holders and zippered pouches, and dog collars and leashes.”

Comments on: "Moonshine Leather Company© & Altai Leather Designs©" (1)

  1. awpiercecounty said:

    Some very nice products shown on the web site, but more pictures of the various products showing more detail would be much appriciated. It is very difficult to get a feel for a briefcase, for instance, from a single picture of the front. Pictures of the back and the inside with some common objects to express scale would make deciding to spend $600.00 a whole lot easier.

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