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“And the new Commodore 64, like the old one, is built in the U.S. — in Florida, where the Ft. Lauderdale company is based.”
“It’s 99% American made — everything except the motherboard is American made,” Altman said. “It just didn’t seem right to have the Commodore 64 become a Chinese import”.
This is from a great article from the LA Times
Holly adds: Hopefully, they will bring back all of their manufacturing to the USA!


“Commodore USA, LLC was founded by Barry Altman in April of 2010, with the express purpose of reviving and re-establishing the famous and much loved Commodore computer brand. Commodore played a major role in the micro-computer era, which was a hot-bed of activity and innovation in technology. It was an era of distinctive platforms each with different capabilities and focus. Commodore’s influence on the computing landscape was unparalleled, arguably even by the likes of Apple, Atari and IBM, their traditional rivals. When Commodore met its premature demise in the mid-nineties, we believe something of great value was lost in the tech world. Many Commodore fans and users were devastated, feeling that the magic had gone. Almost twenty years later there continues to be a huge cult following for the various generations of Commodore computers produced, with countless websites devoted to them, and thousands of enthusiasts who regularly meet at annual events all around the world. At Commodore USA, LLC we are striving to rekindle that magic that had left the world, to renew the fanbase, and to take the brand to new heights. To fight back against Apple revisionism. To start a new revolution.”





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