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Wait a minute! I am getting mixed messages here.

Today on the Ed Schultz show I heard that the new BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) trains are going to a Japanese company. One person representing a domestic train manufacturer contacted Ed about shipping our work out of the country. As it stands the trains will be assembled here but the majority of the money won’t stay here.

here is an article written last month on this story (hence, the mixed messages).

“San Francisco’s New Bart Trains to be Made in the USA”  I find that this title is a bit misleading. It makes you assume these trains, which represent 3.2 BILLION dollars, are being made by a company here in America.

 This is a shame! Shame on BART and shame on the lobbyists who helped our jobs go overseas! We do have a train manufacturer here in the United States, but if this keeps up we won’t in the future.

Contact BART  and tell them that you are unhappy with their decision.

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