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“We sell Clothing and products Made in USA by US Manufacturers.  Our products include Union and or American made apparel from Round House, Camber, Okabashi, New Balance, Union Line, Kamik Winter Boots, Northstar Gloves, King Louie, Union House men’s briefs and boxers. We also sell Made in USA Cookware and Toys.”



Apparently this is no longer in business. If you are lucky enough to have a doll made by Virginia than you now have a collector’s item!
Holly adds: Most all of the dolls today are made in China. These are the exception.

Virginia’s Very Own –2011 Doll Index


“Virginia’s brother, Charlie, pours vinyl into molds; each sculpted by Virginia herself.  They are melted to the mold and then cooled.  Virginia paints each doll’s face herself, with diluted automotive paint that’s used for vinyl interiors, to give them a life-like appearance.  Each of the doll’s eyes is put on by hand; their bodies are stuffed and limbs assembled.  Even the doll’s clothes are cut and sewn by hand.”

by Kelsey Starks,, Posted on December 21, 2011 at 5:28 PM

812 834 5065     888 603 6557
3522 PLeasant Run rd. Heltonville,IN 47436







Holly adds: Now these are puzzles!


“Artifact Puzzles makes wooden jigsaw puzzles for kids, adults, and families. We laser-cut all our puzzles from 1/4″ wood in Washington State, USA. Our artists design each puzzle to be unique, creative, and themed to each puzzle image. Many of our puzzles include figural pieces (also called whimsy pieces), while other puzzles have unique geometric shapes, or are simply extra-hard due to non-unique connectors. We hope you enjoy our puzzles!”






“We are your exclusive provider of ONLY American-made baby toys, clothes and accessories, plus American-made children’s products!  Everything for your baby, toddler, or child.  ALL Made in the USA toys, clothes, bedding, blankets, feeding products, furniture, accessories and so much more!”

“Our American Made baby toys and American Made toys for kids are top quality, educational toys!
Plus we carry baby clothes Made in the USA, children’s clothes Made in the USA, and more!”


What a fun site to browse through!


“Lehman’s ships old-fashioned, non-electric merchandise all over the world through our catalogs and website. Our diverse customer base includes missionaries and doctors working in developing countries; homesteaders and environmentalists living in remote areas; people with unreliable electricity living on islands and mountains; second home owners, hunters, fishers and cabin dwellers; the ‘chronically nostalgic,’ and even Hollywood set designers looking for historically accurate period pieces.”

“Our staff is constantly on the lookout for great new products to offer you. We search the world for the best quality, and we offer USA-made items whenever possible. Oftentimes, if we can’t find something, we have our Amish neighbors – world-renowned craftsmen in their own right – make it just for us.”




“K’NEX is the next generation of construction sets. It inspires creativity, builds self-confidence and encourages interaction among children and parents. The possibilities are endless!”
 “K’NEX Brands, L.P. is a privately held company, with the headquarters and manufacturing facility located in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. Today, K’NEX is the most innovative and fastest growing construction toy company. Internationally, K’NEX products are distributed in over 30 countries. K’NEX Brands is also proud to distribute BRIO trains and toys, as well as Lincoln Logs in the North  America.”
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