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 Homestead Drying Racks – Homestead Store

“Hello Homesteaders!  We are the Harrison Family, the proud new owners of Homestead Drying Racks which we purchased from Daniel and Abby Jo at Forgotten Way Farms.  We have been homesteading for about 10 years with our five children.  Our current homestead is located in Wisconsin.  We are so excited to continue making these racks because they are the best racks we have seen on the market.”

“We are also the creators of Homesteading for Beginner DVD series.  It is a delight to share our country homesteading skills that we have learned from our Amish friends and neighbors.  We keep learning and plan on creating many more instructional DVDs as we go.  We hope you enjoy our homemade products on our small family farm in the rural USA.”

A sample from one of their self-reliant living DVDs.


Holly adds: to help you dream, or get started, Jay offers a new, beautiful book full of wonderful tiny home pictures, plans and ideas.

“Since completing Tumbleweed, I have continued to make little buildings. How each house gets used depends on the occupant’s particular needs. What one person would enjoy as a quiet studio in their backyard, another couple might choose to inhabit as a full-time residence. What some people see as the perfect weekend hideaway in the country, others will use as a beautiful free-standing addition to their existing home for accommodating an elderly parent, an adult child, guests, or as office space. My houses have been composed with meticulous attention to light, warmth, energy efficiency, and proportion. I have made the most of each cozy interior by minimizing transitional areas like hallways and stairwells and by using otherwise unusable space as storage. The simple, formal designs that have resulted are the best way I have found to order most any space and make it beautiful.”

“At Tumbleweed Tiny House Company its our mission to make the plans and tools available so you can build your own little building based on my designs, ready-to-build kits, and even already manufactured tiny homes ready to be transported to you.”


Holly adds: This is not a traditional “made in the USA” company. However, this blog features so many small houses and start-ups from around our country (and overseas on occasion), that I felt they were perfect for the site! You can buy plans here too.


“The goal of the tiny house blog is to discover the different options available for a person looking to down size into a tiny house or cabin. I will be looking at different type of construction, from logs, to yurts to modern and the unusual. I will also do book reviews, look at alternate energy for heat and electricity. I also want to hear your story so please contact me with your pictures and your own experiences in living simply and small.”

“I want to encourage feedback and ideas to make this an informative blog. Stories of people who are living this dream. Pictures of tiny houses and cabins, etc. My goal is to publish daily if possible. Thank you for sharing in this experience with me.”


“California Baby® products are made in the U.S.A. in our FDA registered and Certified Organic facility.
Allergy tested – NO gluten, soy, oat or dairy. Cruelty free.”

Jessica Iclisoy states, “With my continuing commitment to remaining at the forefront of the green and eco-friendly movement, I recently tweaked some of our ingredients, and the result are products that are even more safe, eco-friendly and fabulous than before. Many of the changes that I made bring us one step closer on our path to creating fully certified organic products. In brief, I removed a few non-essential and potentially irritating ingredients in some places, in others swapped one effective ingredient for another equally or more effective ingredient and introduced new and cutting edge eco-Green Chemistry ingredients to offer added benefits to our formulas.”


Holly adds: Wouldn’t it be fun to see one of these on the local bike trail?


“Others have tried (and continue to try) to emulate Rhoades Car designs but fail when it comes to his most unique concept – which is to build THE most quality-conscious 4-wheel bicycle products on the market – made in the USA! David called them “The 4-Wheel Bikes that Drive Like a Car” and now his dream claims international fame. What started in Johnny Cash’s tiny little home town of Hendersonville, TN, Rhoades Cars have been shipped all over the world – to all seven continents.”

“Rhoades Car features a plethora of 4-wheel bikes that touch literally every demographic. There are so many uses it’s hard to name them all!”

“Today there are 1-person, 2-person and 4-person models in a variety of configurations. Rhoades Cars are even available with an electric-assist feature – a small electric motor powered by two 12-volt batteries just in case you get tired while pedaling!”






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