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“Liberty Tabletop brand stainless steel flatware is proudly manufactured by American craftsmen, right here in the USA!”

“Created with pride in a Sherrill, NY factory that has been producing quality flatware for over a century, Liberty Tabletop offers a variety of patterns to compliment most any tableware, or situation.”

“Finest Quality Stainless Steel”

“All items are produced using the finest quality nickel 18-10 chrome stainless steel. This provides increased luster and enhanced resistance to staining over less expensive stainless grades like 18-0.”




“Welcome to the family of North Country Wind Bells® ! With our love of the sea and wilderness are portrayed in our designs and sounds of our wind bells and accessories. Every product is designed and handcrafted by us and our dedicated employees in our shop on the beautiful coast of Maine. Our passionate spirit is American Made and Made in Maine!”

“We are proudly a “Green Company”! From recycling paper, to conscientious practices of our processes, using friendly lighting for efficiency and best of all, using all recycled steel that produces beautiful tones of “Haunting Sounds and Magic Memories”!”

“As you click on each bell description, you can hear it by clicking where it reads: Click here to hear it. You can purchase it and then select your windcatcher design that hangs at the bottom of the bell. These windcatchers are included in the price of the bell and there are many to choose from!”



“Unique to Lyndon Furniture is a large selection of solid wood furniture styles and a variety of sizes not normally available from a small or large company. We are proud of all the furniture we create. We, at Lyndon, are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We believe that you and your family will be proud to own our furniture for generations to come.”

“Lyndon Furniture is sold only through carefully selected furniture dealers throughout most of the continental United States and England.  Go to our Dealer Locator to find the dealer closest to you.”





QUINCE & CO.   Yarns, Patterns, E-books

Pam Allen said, “This was a totally exciting idea to me that we could make a yarn here in the U.S.” So she and Rice set about to create a modern, affordably priced American-sourced yarn, spun in what was formerly a textile mill.”

“Instead of selling the yarn wholesale, Allen sells it directly to her customers from her Web site. This allows her to make a better product, a truly American yarn, at a price that is affordable to knitters everywhere. The yarn is available exclusively to see and touch at the flagship store, KnitWit in Portland, at Purl Diva in Brunswick, and at Loop Yarn in London. But most people buy “their Quince” from the Web site.”

“Allen dreams of a day when she can produce seasonal processed and spun yarn from animals raised in Maine. (The wool in Quince & Co. is currently all “territory” wool, which comes from the American West.) She sees local yarn as the next big thing, highlighting the individual qualities of the animal fleeces, much the way our farmers’ markets celebrate our specific regional vegetable varieties.”



“by Vermont Fleece Co. makers of the finest embroidered Polartec® Fleece Blankets that we personalize with embroidery to commemorate your special occasion or holiday. An embroidered fleece blanket is a gift not only to look at but also to use for years to come. An embroidered fleece baby blanket or a monogrammed fleece blanket becomes a special keepsake as do a birthday blanket or wedding blanket. With Polartec® being produced in Massachusetts, we offer an entirely made in the USA gift.”


Holly adds: There are over 70 different companies represented on this site! I must be hungry-everything looked wonderful and I wanted one of each!
Great for gift giving.


“Vermont’s quintessential charm is captured in just about everything that we do. We take pride in our history, our environment and quality of life, whether we’re milking the cows, making syrup, carving wooden bowls or creating a wonderful family experience providing the finest hospitality and service anywhere. We value hard work, attention to detail and happy customers, and it shows in our products and services.”

“At Best of Vermont you will find a carefully selected collection of the finest original and handcrafted Vermont-made products that Vermont has to offer.”






Handmade in Vermont, USA

“Our decorative wall plaques are the perfect gift for Mom or Dad, dog and cat lovers, gifts for men, and gardeners – or anyone else who’s got a soft spot for sentimental gifts with sweet,cute or funny sayings.”

“And when you buy three decorative wall plaques from Mountain Meadows Pottery, you get a fourth one absolutely free!”

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