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“In 2009, a brand-new production facility was added in the US and our most innovative model yet, the ez-Loo is now 100% made in the USA. Advanced Swedish environmental engineering combined with efficient US craftmanship have resulted in the revolutionary ez-Loo. It’s the conclusion of 40 years of experience developing and distributing waterless toilets worldwide: Our customers demand for a trouble-free, easy to install and maintain toilet alternative.”





 Homestead Drying Racks – Homestead Store

“Hello Homesteaders!  We are the Harrison Family, the proud new owners of Homestead Drying Racks which we purchased from Daniel and Abby Jo at Forgotten Way Farms.  We have been homesteading for about 10 years with our five children.  Our current homestead is located in Wisconsin.  We are so excited to continue making these racks because they are the best racks we have seen on the market.”

“We are also the creators of Homesteading for Beginner DVD series.  It is a delight to share our country homesteading skills that we have learned from our Amish friends and neighbors.  We keep learning and plan on creating many more instructional DVDs as we go.  We hope you enjoy our homemade products on our small family farm in the rural USA.”

A sample from one of their self-reliant living DVDs.

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