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“Today, two CHANNELLOCK facilities in Meadville provide more than 200,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehousing and office space. Channellock, Inc. manufactures more than 120 different sizes and types of pliers and other hand tools, while employing nearly 500 full-time associates. It is the largest industrial employer in Crawford County, Pennsylvania. CHANNELLOCK has over 4,000 wholesale and retail customers in the United States, and ships to customers in 45 countries around the globe.”

“George B. DeArment founded the Champion Bolt & Clipper Company with a firm belief in four guiding principles: the belief that good management is never far from the factory floor; that people are more important than machines; that bigger doesn’t always mean better; and that dedication to excellence is the surest way to surmount adversity and to prosper.”
“For over 119 years, Channellock, Inc. has held firm to those four basic tenets and has become a jewel of the American free enterprise system by doing so.”

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Holly adds: This is another company that has a dedicated page for Made in the USA products! I am so glad to see this.


USA-made jeans, shirts, belts, work boots and shoes. Made in America. With pride.


WRIGHT TOOL -Perfecting Performance

Made Entirely in the U.S.A.
From the design and engineering to the forging and finishing, all work on Wright tools is performed in the United States by skilled American workers. We do not use foreign blanks or forgings. Even the steel we use is American-made.”
“We are introducing new, innovative tools to our already vast line of heavy-duty hand tools that will make your life easier as well as expanded existing lines and specials. This is just one example of how we constantly strive to make our products better for you.”



“Council Tool Company is as much about people as it is about tools. After all, it is our people who design the tools, manufacture the tools and market the tools.
The employees at Council Tool are hard-working Americans who take great pride in what they do. They have the skills, experience and dedication necessary to produce the quality and value you’re looking for. As of early 2010 the average years of experience on the factory floor was over 11 years and the average years of experience of production management and engineering was over 18 years.”


“Get to know American Made once again!”

“Bully Tools is America’s premier manufacturer of American made gardening, lawn, roofing, flooring and agricultural tools for professional contractors as well as consumers.”
“All Bully Tool products are produced in our facility in Steubenville, Ohio.
Quality manufacturing ensures that you will purchase a tool that will stand up to tough jobs and give you many years of service.”
“Our commitment to producing domestically directly impacts our region and our country by keeping you, your family and friends working. Your commitment to purchasing American made products will help keep America growing strong for many generations.”

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