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If you have a product or company that you would like us to consider adding to this site please contact us at –

Thank you.

Comments on: "CONTACT US" (3)

  1. Daisy Tom said:

    Hi Holly,

    Looking at your update on Lenox reminded me of a company in Sapulpa, Oklahoma called Frankoma Pottery that you might want to feature. They make a nice variety of pottery and dinnerware and many items have become collectible. Martha Stewart featured them on an episode of her show as well as her magazine several years ago. Their website is, if you would like to check them out. Have a great day!


    • Daisy Tom said:

      Okay, I feel like a total idiot. Apparently, Frankoma is up for sale, and I was unaware of this. Apparently, it is not even open at this time. Sorry. Daisy

      • Daisy, no problem! Thank you for the suggestion. It is a shame that they are no longer open. Just keep me in mind if you run across another company or product. Thanks again. Holly

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