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“Dexas is a Texas-based designer and manufacturer of cutting boards, kitchen tools and gadgets and silicone heat-resistant items. Dexas provides innovative kitchenware in today’s trending colors to the world’s leading retailers. We design products that stimulate the home chef’s culinary creativity. The company is also a leading manufacturer of storage clipboard cases that protect and organize documents and supplies for the office, school or job site. These durable, weather-proof cases ensure that work documents and projects are portable and protected.”

“Based on the design innovation of our Popware® collapsible strainers and colanders, Dexas created the Popware™ for Pets line of pet care and pet travel products. The food and water bowls and cups are durable and collapsible, which means you can take your pet anywhere you go. Pets are such an important part of the family!”



UTILACART Cape Coral Cart Company

“Utilacart Lets You Work Smarter, Not Harder!”

“Utilacart provides you a way to consolidate large and small items into one routine move.  It’s also extraordinarily versatile.”
“The Utilacart is handmade in the U.S.A. by a lifelong carpenter passionate about his work. Every detail is painstakingly tended to during the process of individual construction.”



This company features floor liners, cargo liners, mud flaps, pet accessories, and many other protection solutions for your car.

“we are as dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing the finest automotive accessories for our consumer and OEM clients as we are passionate about supporting the American economy, preserving the American industrial infrastructure, and keeping the “money” in our family, a family of 300 million people from all over America.”


Holly adds: This is a relatively new company and I think they must be in the process of adding items to their online shopping inventory. I wish this company a lot of sucess. 


“Based in Morgantown, West Virginia, SustainU is an American clothing company focused on changing the way clothes are made to improve the environment, reinvigorate America’s manufacturing sector, and educate the world about how clothing can positively impact people’s lives. By creating 100% recycled apparel that’s made in the USA, we want people to change the way they think about their clothing, and how they live their lives. Wear a better story.”


American Made Work Boots

“Family owned and operated since 1989, we are the original, only American made in USA work boot store. Celebrating our 23rd year in business, our mission is to provide you, the American worker with high quality, comfortable American made in USA work boots and shoes.”

“Unlike most retailers, we specialize in American work boots and shoes made in the USA. We take great pride re-investing our profits in Made in USA work boots and shoes, keeping American manufacturing alive and Americans working.”

With over 300 American made in USA styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find just the right boots for your needs.
All Belleville, Chippewa, Carolina, Double H, Justin, Corcoran, Matterhorn and Wolverine Northman & Plainsman series work boots and shoes on our site are Made in the USA.” 






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