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BANANA JACK-Hawaiian Wear


“The Banana Jack family and business has always been passionate about the Hawaiian Islands and the artwork inspired by them. We produce and purchase tropical, Hawaiian Island themed artwork, for use in the printing and production of all our Hawaiian Aloha Shirts, Hawaiian Summer Sun Dresses, and Hawaiian styled, beach fashion footwear.”

“100% of the Banana Jack line of Hawaiian Clothing is manufactured right here in Honolulu, Hawaii.”

“Collector’s of this iconic garment look for trademark elements that characterize vintage Hawaiian shirts:

  • coconut buttons
  • double stitched seams
  • button-down facings
  • horizontal buttonholes
  • the absence of top stitching on the collar
  • a top button collar loop
  • pattern matching on pocket attachment
  • short sleeves
  • straight bottom (these shirts are intended to be worn out, not tucked in)
  • original “Made in Hawaii” label”






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