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“For over 25 years our family has been actively involved in the sheep industry. I guess you can say it’s who we are and what we know. Through managing our 100 ewe flock of commercial breeding sheep on our farm in rural Northwest Missouri, we have gained valuable knowledge on wool quality and how it directly relates to manufacturing quality wool products.”
“Since 1983, Wool Shop has grown to become one of the leading maufacturers of lambswool cleaning products serving a diverse array of hardware, housewares, janitorial, and speciality retailers across the nation.”







QUINCE & CO.   Yarns, Patterns, E-books

Pam Allen said, “This was a totally exciting idea to me that we could make a yarn here in the U.S.” So she and Rice set about to create a modern, affordably priced American-sourced yarn, spun in what was formerly a textile mill.”

“Instead of selling the yarn wholesale, Allen sells it directly to her customers from her Web site. This allows her to make a better product, a truly American yarn, at a price that is affordable to knitters everywhere. The yarn is available exclusively to see and touch at the flagship store, KnitWit in Portland, at Purl Diva in Brunswick, and at Loop Yarn in London. But most people buy “their Quince” from the Web site.”

“Allen dreams of a day when she can produce seasonal processed and spun yarn from animals raised in Maine. (The wool in Quince & Co. is currently all “territory” wool, which comes from the American West.) She sees local yarn as the next big thing, highlighting the individual qualities of the animal fleeces, much the way our farmers’ markets celebrate our specific regional vegetable varieties.”

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